Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where have I been?

Kiwi bird art
{Hello from Kiwi-land}

Some of my regular readers might be wondering: where did I go in the last few months?

Basically I've felt a little confused about my position in the blogging world lately. What do I write about? Am I just an online diary or do I write like an informative blog? Do I write about music, paleo, travel, or weddings? I seem to write about all of these things with a sprinkle of burlesque and family stuff every now and then.

So I took a step back and thought: what am I doing?

I have had this secret plan for months and months now to merge my blog and my music website together, and this is part of the "discovery process" I have gone through in trying to figure out what that means for me. Unfortunately it also meant that I stopped blogging a little bit. I still feel a little bit like I'm in limbo with the two sites being separate, but the plan to merge is going to happen, and hopefully will happen in the next month or two.

I also have another side project that I am working on, which will give me a location for my paleo/food related blog posts to belong. This project is still too green to reveal the details, but I'm pretty excited about it.

With these 2 projects in the works, I think that my blogging should pick up again. I just needed to "find myself" a little bit. I had started blogging to share my world of New Zealand with my friends and family (way back in like 2007!), but the longer I write the less relevant it becomes.

So keep your eyes on this space for updates on when this merge will happen, about the food project, and just for more random ramblings as I fumble with my blog content.

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  1. Hey Nicole, yeah there always days in every writers life when they are out of ideas. Happens to everyone. My best trick to get over the writing blues is to do something new. Write at a new place, try out new activities that will inspire something novel in you or go through other blogs to check out what type of content they have.