Sunday, April 8, 2012

Paleo Food Cart in Portland!


Holy crap this is exciting!

As you may know, I'm a paleo girl and fully support the paleo lifestyle. It has changed my life for the better and I'm getting close to my one year mark on the diet. I don't think I can ever turn back.

Since being on the paleo diet I have lost 10 pounds (and found my ideal weight) and no longer have the stomach problems that I thought were part of my life... 30 years into life, I have discovered that my diet was the cause of a lot of suffering that I considered to be "normal"... And I thought I was eating healthy! Turns out that like the majority of the population: we are not very well informed. 

Since getting so hardcore into Paleo, I had been day dreaming about the idea of opening a food cart. I've never had a job as a cook, and so this might only be worth day dreaming about. At the very least I now have some healthy competition, which I think is great! We are ready for a Paleo food cart Portland! This is the beginning of great things to come I think! 

I have donated to the Portland Paleo Food Cart via Kickstarter because I fully support what it stands for. If you are interested in supporting a great cause or are just curious and want a meal (and live in Portland), then consider donating yourselves. Kickstarter rewards the donator with special benefits, and in this case it's a free meal or two. Depending on how much you donate. 

Check it out here!! They only get to keep the donations if they hit their mark, and they were only half way there with just under 2 weeks to go when I donated. That's cutting it close! 

I will get to enjoy my free paleo food cart meal when I go back to Portland on vacation for my wedding in a few months! I'm so excited!

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