Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I dreamed of you.

{This is a restaurant in New Zealand... Damn right I want to go there but I read it was closed...}

Last night I had a dream about you...

Yes, you.

I had a dream that me, and all of my bloggy readers were hanging out. These were real people in the dream...

And it was all by accident. I was on vacation somewhere and then I turned around and we just happened to all be staying in the same camp.... Or rather tree house resort... I know where that part came from... I've been looking at too many luxury tree houses lately.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up believing it. Suddenly I woke up with a lot of new friends, but then reality set in and I just got out of bed and into the shower before work. Just like normal.

I kind of think this dream is because of my sister. You might know that she is The Paper Mama and has turned from just being my sister and a baby into this very popular Mama blogger sister with a toddler. I'm really proud of what she has accomplished and that she is doing what she loves in life. It is inspiring for me and pushes me to work harder on my music.

She's always running around the states on different trips to meet up with all of her blog friends, and I think that because Chelsey and I have always done things together and been on similar wave lengths our whole lives, that somewhere in me I think that I'm going to do it too.

So here's the plan. You guys come to New Zealand and we will have a picnic by the beach! I don't have any tree houses, but if you find one we can go there instead.


  1. If you move back to Portland you, me and the Mike's can move to a farm and raise goats.

  2. Can we make goats cheese? And live in a tree house? With the goats on the ground to warn us of predators? Like the Swiss Family Robinson?

  3. Beautifully written!
    Someday, when I move back to the States and am no longer suffering under the weight of European expense (ha), I fully intend to visit New Zealand. It's been a dream of mine for years. If you're still there, I'll look you up.

    On that note. . . if you happen to come to Europe within the next two years, I am completely serious when I say you should come stay with me in Denmark.

    1. Oh, I totally believe you! But keep saying it and it will probably happen!

      We will probably be here for a few more years. You could always come visit in Oregon if I was gone :)