Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm already losing my mind ladies and gentlemen.

I've been working pretty steadily on my wedding ever since we got home, and already I'm feeling the crazies creeping in.

{Not me, I swear}

I will never be a bridezilla: it's not in my nature.... But I've always known that I am capable of being a big ball of stress. That is totally within the realm of possibility.

Why? Because no one is returning any of my emails.... Ok, ok, I have got some emails from the lovely photographers I've contacted.... But over all it's like there is a massive black hole that my emails are funneling into. Never to be seen again...

"Hello, my name is Nicole. I live in New Zealand and I'm planning a wedding in Portland Oregon. I would like to give you all of my money. Please write me back to let me know how much you want."

No reply.

I know the wedding is still pretty far away (next summer) but I'd love to just get a few things booked so I don't have to keep searching.

Luckily my sister has been super helpful! She's got some great recommendations and I don't think I could find a photographer without her! Plus she's been down this wedding planning path before so she has advice for everything.

Time to start meditating again.

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