Sunday, August 28, 2011

August: favorite photo so far...

My sister over at Paper Mama has a post about your favorite photos from August, and since I've been on vacation for the whole month of August, I thought I'd join in.

(Psst... I'm supposed to be packing for Burning Man, so I'll have to be quick and sneaky)

This one is my favorite... My niece Ruari was so happy playing with the sprinkler and then got too close. She was not smiling in the next photo.

{Ruari discovers the sprinkler}


  1. Such a great capture. I can see the next frame, frozen wide "deer in the headlights" eyes that immediately turn into tears.

  2. This is adorable- great capture. I can only imagine what the moments after this were like, they go from happy to sad in a split second.

  3. Haha such a sweet sweet photo! Love this.

  4. Oh man, I should probably not be laughing as hard as I am at this... :D