Friday, May 27, 2011


Look at the beautiful sushi I had today...

You know when you try and bite your sushi in half instead of shoveling the whole thing in at once? You think you are being graceful by taking a bite, but really you are ripping your sushi to shreds- all except the seaweed which remains in tact and annoyingly stuck to your lip... Do you know that feeling?

This is not that kind of sushi.

Every single bite melted away gracefully into my mouth. No tearing and no fingers. Just bites.

Midori Sushi here in Wellington is seriously awesome.

I had a voucher to go to the already cheap-o sushi place but turned around when I remembered Midori Sushi... I should have had a photo to compare, but just trust me: compared to this it looked like wet cat food rolled up in rice and some green stuff. This cost twice as much but I am 10 times as happy with it.


  1. MMMMMMM yummy. And the colors are so vibrant!!!

    I'm hosting another creative guest post week starting June 1st - if you want to stop by and meet some other artists!