Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny Pics in 2010

Well, another year has slipped away just like that (snap!).

It seems like all I've done this year was quit my job in Queenstown, go to America, move to Wellington and then hunt for a new job.... Then I started looking at all my photos and realized that I've been a busy girl.

In fact, this has been one of the busiest and craziest years of my life.

I got engaged....

I met my niece...

I got to hug my sister and know that she is safe...

Just to name a few. These certainly are the big ones though... These deserve more detail at another time..

Now is the time to notice all those funny moments that make the crazy times bearable. I have lots of funny moments, but here are some of the times I was able to capture them in a photo.

{Mike being creepy}
Mike makes faces when I take photos of him, so it's pretty easy to find funny photos of him... I tried not to embarass him too much... Or me :)

This photo was taken in Sisters Oregon at this awesome coffee shop, which I think is called the Sister's Coffee Company (refer to the mug). It was like a log cabin inside and their Mexican mocha was so good. We are on a cool little upstairs balcony right next to the awesome stone fireplace that covers half the wall. Unfortunately these things were not funny enough to make the cut.

{Mike and Brown Cat}
 I don't really need to say anything about this one.... Except, go here to visit Brown Cat's blog...

{Tucker want smore}
 This photo cracks me up. You can see Tucker trying to figure out how he can have that smore. And what a great opportunity for another blog plug. This is my friend Shannon, and she has a very sweet blog, which you can visit here.

Also, go here to see my previous post about Shannon and her awesomeness...

{Sophie smiles}
 Some of you might recognize this photo from a certain blog known as The Paper Mama... And yes, I took this photo! It is I who created this masterpiece of which I am exhaustingly proud of.... Even if that is not a word.... I think this is a hilarious photo, if I do say so myself...

There's my sister in the back ground, and there's my cute little niece Ruari. One day I will properly introduce everyone.

{Wedding smiles}
 So, as you may or may not know, I am engaged to this guy. So, we were practicing posing for the camera. That way, when the wedding comes, we can have gorgeous photos like these.

Now remember dear, just as we practiced.... :)

Actually, my sister over at Paper Mama has already posted this one. She took this photo. Have a look at her post here.

{Black Cat}
 This is Brown Cat's brother: Black Cat... You can't really tell that he's black here, but he is.

He normally doesn't like people nearly as much as the Brown Cat, and he never poses for photos.... I don't think he realized he was posing...

I let Brown Cat borrow these photos I took of his brother so that he could post about it on his blog. Have a look here.

{Again with the lazy Black Cat}

 This one is probably only funny if you were there. We had a friend come visit from Queenstown, and while we were at this coffee shop, they both suddenly started playing with their cell phones together.... Boys... So I took a photo because it made me laugh.

 This is the exit from a building in town. Luckily I was just entering this way and exiting through the back...

{That place}
I don't know what this place is called. I always forget... But they filmed Eagle vs Shark here... So it was a day of dry humor and rolling around on the grass pretending I was in a sleeping bag... I do have photos of this, but I need to animate them to make them work.

It was also a very windy day, which is what that face is about.

If you haven't seen that movie then watch it! It is a great Wellington movie! Especially if you are a Flight of the Concords fan because the big headed guy is in it. I don't personally find them that funny (I know I'm not cool), but I still loved this movie.

Go watch it.... Now!

But first, don't forget to stop by the Crosbie Crew to check out their cute blog and all the other funny people who have linked up with them.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I hate you Wellington wind...

Look what I found when I woke up this morning.... Not very cool...

{RIP Dahlia}

Needless to say I was not very excited about my garden this morning. I tried to save it (because it was still hanging on by a few fibers), but it was no use. I had to accept the situation and just let it go.

...... Good bye beautiful dahlia that was supposed to look like my dahlia tattoo, so I placed you by the front door where we could see you best, but then you came out looking nothing like my dahlia tattoo, and placing you by the front door put you in the windiest part of my patio, and you only just bloomed a few days ago......

Good bye! You were so young.

I never even found time to write a garden update.

Another victim of the nasty Wellington wind...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy holidays

Happy holidays everyone! It's another Christmas in the summer for me down here in New Zealand. I can't ever really get used to being warm on Christmas, but I'm not complaining :) Sure makes the winters a bit dull though... Christmas is always the coolest part of winter for me. There's already so many great things to do in the summer, it's like everything peaks now, and then is pretty mellow for the rest of the year. However, it is a great excuse to have a few days off in the sun and to have a BBQ.

My dahlias finally bloomed on Christmas eve. This one was supposed to look like the one on my tattoo, according to the packaging, but not according to the dahlia.

{Pre-apple pie}
 I usually make pumpkin pie for the holidays, but this year I felt like doing something else. It was getting kinda predictable. So, I made my very first apple pie! It was so beautiful and yummy, and absolutely perfect in every way! I found the perfect recipe and did such a great job throwing it all together!

And then I forgot to take a photo of the finished product! Oops.

You will just have to trust me on this one. It was great!

I remember growing up, when our family would make apple pies, they would always turn out pretty runny inside, but not my apple pie! I've got the secrets! Ha ha!

Apple pie was always my favorite growing up, so I'm not really sure why it took me so long to give it a go. I never even liked pumpkin pie growing up. I guess I just make it because it's such a novelty for everyone here.

What's more American than apple pie? Hmm? That's the way the saying goes.

{Christmas eve}

My family has a tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas eve. Who knows where it came from but I love it and Mike and I uphold that tradition here in New Zealand. Although I honestly think that Chinese food is better in America (who knows why, I don't know), but we still keep it up.

This year we also had some bubbles... Nothing special... Just good ol' Kiwi bubbly wine.

Here Mike is playing video games while he's waiting for me to be done with the pie.

{Christmas breakfast}

Christmas morning we went to Mike's sister's house (go to her blog here) for real champagne, with a breakfast of waffles, strawberries, and creme fresh. It was so beautiful and sunny in the back yard and a really nice way to start off the day.

{Brown cat}
The Brown Cat (that's kind of his name) was there. Being a sap like usual. Cuddling with anyone who will have him (go to his blog here).

{BBQ Christmas dinner}

We ate all day long.... constantly.

There was that great breakfast, and then we had a regular big Christmas lunch with ham, potatoes, peas, etc... Then we snacked all day long on cherries and chocolate and a cheese board... Then we still thought we could fit in a BBQ for dinner.

You see those sausages... They are filled with cheese. You can see it oozing out. They are not super classy, but you can insert anything with cheese and I will eat it.

Those vegetarian sausages at the far end are home made by Mike's sister and they are so yummy too!

Happy holidays everyone! If you want to share your holiday post as well, then link up below.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Livin the life

So, I haven't been a very good blog hostess lately.

Why? Well, because I've been super active and blogging sometimes has to be put aside when the weather is this amazing out!

So I thought I'd share with you a few things I've been up to in the last few "absent" weeks.

{Free sausage sizzle}
{View of Wellington}
{Gollum at Weta}

Has everyone heard of Lord of the Rings? Good. Then you might know that Weta is the studio that made Lord of the Rings with Peter Jackson, and it's in my city.

{Magic tricks on Cuba Street}
Lounging around Cuba street enjoying a beer as the sun sets. It was so warm that day that I walked around all night in a short summer dress and sandals and felt so great. This magician was pretty cool. He had lived in Portland so we had a lot to talk about. 

{Barbecued scallop sandwich at the Chocolate Fish}
New Zealand has some seriously amazing seafood and this simple scallop sandwich is probably one of the best things I've ever had.  All the food at this cafe is barbecued, including their bacon and egg sandwiches. It's a big tourist attraction but is still such a cool place.

{The beehive}
This is me posing in front of Parliament. I've never been to DC, but I can't imagine just walking up to the white house so casually. There were people lying in the grass reading right in front of me. Living in a small and drama free country is kinda cool.

{Supermarket heat lamp food}
Why? Why did I take this photo? Might have had too much to drink this night. It's never a good sign when you find these kinds of random photos... Or photos of your cell phone... There were some of those too. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Robots will take over the world!

Ok, so maybe I watched Terminator too many times growing up, but you might agree that this is a little creepy.

On my sister's blog she did a post about a linky thingy that connects to Facebook and Etsy to see what would be best for your loved ones for Christmas. It's a great idea! But she posted what it said about me, and it is creepy how well it fit into my taste or style, or whatever.

It wasn't perfect, like I probably would have picked cooler things for my list, but it really had a feel for me in a super creepy way.

How could it know I love Darjeeling Limited so much?

Stay out of my head!

Try it out for yourself and see what you think.

Do you like that a computer can figure you out so easily based on things you google and "like" on Facebook?

Even though I have a blog and post about my life, I still maintain a certain level of privacy and I don't really dig how everything I do is traceable.

Have you ever noticed that facebook reflects things that you google? Since I'm engaged I have been researching things via google search, and I distinctly remember looking into black diamond rings; suddenly Facebook is advertising black diamond engagement rings. It is a clever advertising, but who ever said it was not creepy?

Have a look at what they came up with for me.